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A Team-Building Karaoke Experience

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Meet Mr. C

Entrepreneur, Author,

Teacher, Consultant, Motivational Speaker

As an experienced music educator and business professional Oswaldo Coello affectionately known as Mr. C, works closely with teams within corporations, schools, and organizations to excel with Mr. C's Exceptional Inclusive Voices: Team-Building Karaoke Experience!

Your 2 Hour Karaoke Experience
  • Introduction

  • Team-Building Definitions and Professional Applications

  • Vocal Vocabulary and Professional Applications

  • Team-Building Karaoke Games

  • Winner Announced

  • Recap

  • Conclusion

Singing Vocabulary Words.jpg
Singing Vocabulary Words.jpg

Overcoming Employee Burnout & Low Morale Virtual Training

Our "Overcoming Employee Burnout & Low Morale" virtual training is designed to help professionals recognize, manage, and mitigate the symptoms of burnout while boosting morale through practical strategies rooted in singing vocabulary and concepts. This one-hour interactive session offers a comprehensive overview of employee burnout and its impacts, introduces effective breathing techniques, and explores the application of singing terms like "harmony," "pitch," and "dynamic range" to foster a supportive and positive work environment.

Vichu, V

Oswaldo is very flexible. He has a good indepth knowledge in music. He teaches music in a fun way for kids to enjoy learning. He is diversified instrument expert.

Anabel, A

My children love Mr. C’s class, they have fallen in love with music because of it!!! Thank you Mr.C

Phillip, B

Mr. C is an excellent instructor. My daughter learned a lot.

Our Clients Say

Adventure Academy Production Crew
It was a pleasure working with you!

Jimmy - Director

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